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Stibnite Specimen Mineral - Antimonite

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Stibnite is a lustrous grey metalloid which commonly occurs in small deposits in hydrothermal veins. It forms in long prismatic crystals, but can also form in blades. The largest deposits of Stibnite come from China, with smaller deposits in Japan, Peru, Mexico, Romania, USA and Alaska. The chemical composition of Stibnite is Antimony Sulfide (Sb2S3). Antimony is a toxic chemical element, thus care should be taken when handling Stibnite and as such this mineral is not recommended for internal use. Stibnite has a long historical use. Since 3000 BC, stibnite has been used in the Middle East to make kohl, a form of eyeliner made from Stibnite and fat. Also there are references in the bible for its use as a medication. Molten Antimony was historically fashioned in Egypt to make vases and small personal ornaments. Today, Stibnite is often a component of safety matches, used in pyrotechnics, included in the production of fire retardants and also used to strengthen lead for soldering.

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