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Selenite Lamp (Electrical) 20cm

Selenite Lamp (Electrical) 20cm

  • £74.95

Selenite Crystal Lamps are a beautiful contrast of nature and technology. The superb natural stone distributes the crystals healing properties within the room and the people in it, whilst providing subtle and elegant light, enhancing any living room, office or bedroom. This lamp comes with a UK standard 240 Volt Plug and a 15W bulb, manufactured to confirm with british safety standards. Selenite connects to the Angelic Realm, providing us with focus, intuitions and connecting us to our guides, and spiritual helpers. This stone brings us peace, serenity and unconditional love, its also a fantastic stone to absorb negativity, cleanse, energise and charge other crystals. As with all natural product they do vary as they are so individual. The image is a guide line only.

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