Green Moonstone Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

Green Moonstone Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

Green Moonstone Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

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Green Moonstone is a reasonably new find and is a relatively uncommon form of moonstone known as Garniernite. Green Moonstone represents Divine feminine goddess energy and emotional balance with love and compassion. Unusually this moonstone connects to the third eye chakra, heart chakra, and solar plexus chakra.

When you have suffered severe emotional trauma or shock in life, carry it close to your heart. The gentle healing power of Green Moonstone helps ease pain and grief. I also find this beautiful crystal can be very beneficial if you experience emotional instability and find it challenging to balance your emotions. Likewise, use Green Moonstone when dealing with overwhelming feelings that might make you feel exceptionally emotionally drained.

I have found this gorgeous crystal represents freedom. When you cannot move forward, Green Moonstone assists you in breaking free of any emotional or mental chains that tie you down.
Suppose you get easily stressed under high-pressure conditions (let us be honest, we all do). In that case, this is your pocket stone carry to help ease stressful situations.

In addition, Green Moonstone is an excellent crystal to cope with anxiety, especially prove to be very useful when you are feeling down and troubled.
Green Moonstone is the perfect crystal for anyone who lacks confidence and suffers from low self-esteem or self-acceptance problems.

Kim Robinson 2021



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