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Galaxyite Drilled Tumble Stone (Micro Labradorite)

Galaxyite Drilled Tumble Stone (Micro Labradorite)

  • £9.00

Galaxite is a micro-labradorite with intense energy. It is sometimes known as the "aura stone" because one of its most noticeable energetic characteristics is that of protecting, cleansing, and balancing the aura. It can protect the aura also by stopping energy leakages. Galaxite is also a stone of transformation, especially assisting in spiritual, mystical, and intuitive growth and transformation. It enhances both the conscious intellect and the subconscious mind, and eases stress and anxiety. Galaxite is helpful for astral travel and astral projection. It can also assist in contacting beings from other dimensions and planes. Physically, galaxite is helpful for stress-related illnesses, anxiety disorders, brain disorders, digestion, and metabolic illnesses. Galaxite is associated primarily with the crown chakra.

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