Every month you will receive a beautiful collection of crystals, within each Chakra Subscription box we aim to diversify your collection and enlighten how to cleanse, charge your crystals. But also how to balance your individual chakras.

    Over the 12 months you will receive these following Boxes:

    • Root Chakra
    • Sacral Chakra
    • Solar Plexus
    • Heart Chakra
    • Throat Chakra
    • Third Eye Chakra
    • Crown Chakra
    • Earth Star Chakra
    • Higher Heart Chakra
    • Soul Star Chakra
    • Birthday Month Zodiac Set
    • Luna Selenite Set
    2 products
    Svadhisthana "I Feel" aka Sacral Chakra Collection
    Svadhisthana "I Feel" aka Sacral Chakra Collection
    GeoFossils Muladhara Chakra Collection. Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Shungite, Ruby and Crystal Cleansing Spray
    Muladhara "I am" aka Root Chakra Collection
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