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Creedite Mineral Specimen

Creedite Mineral Specimen

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Creedite Metaphysical Properties This crystal enhances spirituality and a tool that can be used in channeling meditation, out-of-body experiences, access in the Akashic records, provides for clarity in expression in the spiritual realm, understanding messages from spirit guides and interpreting oracles. Creedite is a stone of the Light of the Angelic Realm and can assist to manifest Light and resonates clear transmitted messages received. This stone connects to the Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras, assist to align all higher chakras, can help one to gain access to the sacred texts and to recognize the subtle messages within the structure of knowledge. It stimulates the driving force towards an objective, promotes insight and wisdom to circumvent obstructions and overcome any obstacle. Creedite resonate cleansing frequency that can aid one in connecting with one's highest guides and recovering memories of other lifetimes, cultures and technologies. It clears the aura of any debris and increases the base resonant frequency of the energetic field. This infusion of Light affects different aspects of the physical and energetic bodies depending upon the color and formation of the Creedite crystals. Orange Creedite stimulates creative vision and are excellent for raising the vibration of work spaces.

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