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Black Tourmaline Disintegrator Wand

  • £79.95

Crystal disintegrators with multiple facets are used in Pranic psychotherapy.  Disintegrators have a very sharp point at one end and smooth round end.  Sharp point is used to cut the unwanted cords or links.   These negative elementals or negative links are like a virus, that attack the physical body. The simplest way to explain this, if you imagine your Personal Computer has hardware and software to ensure a smooth efficiency.  Now if we imagine the human body is the Hardware  and that the Emotional Body is our Software  When our software is attacked via a virus such as anger, grief, fear, jealousy, hatred etc.. Our physical being (Hardware) starts malfunctioning which in turn  produces different types of ailments and diseases. Crystal disintegrator is most powerful instruments used in removing the negative links and elementals with ease so that our physical body is healed. These Wands are very sharp and should be handled with care. These Wands vary in Size from 70mm-120mm we will choose a single wand for you.

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