Apophyllite Point / Pyramid

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GeoFossils Apophyllite Point / Pyramid

Apophyllite Point / Pyramid

SKU: 8A-795L-89WP-1
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Apophyllite Point / Pyramid

Apophyllite is a hydrated potassium calcium silicate mineral that crystallises in pyramidal structures, cubic crystals, and druzy on a matrix or other minerals. This mineral was first discovered in 1806 by R.J. Hauy and named after the Greek word meaning “leaf” because of its unique tendency to crumble when heated. The distinctive colour of Apophyllite is clear or white, although it can also be grey, yellow, red, and green. Green Apophyllite is the rarest colour of them all and was found a few decades ago by an Indian farmer in Poona, India.

Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone that helps one attune their energies to higher dimensions and realms. This stone is here to connect one with their guardian angels and spirits, guiding them on this journey of life. Our third eye and crown chakras become unlocked, with a powerful connection formed between the two. This channel will help one understand the images and energies they see and feel when meditating with this stone.
Apophyllite is a perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their consciousness and connect to a foreign realm, not like our own.
For beginners who have just started working with crystals, we recommend placing grounding stones around your piece of Apophyllite. The energies can sometimes feel too intense and overwhelm practitioners who have not experienced a very high vibrational stone before.
They have an excellent ability to transmit their energy and are uplifting to keep in the room with you.

Some grounding stones we suggest that will keep you linked to earth are Black Tourmaline, Dravite, Onyx, Shungite and Hematite

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