Darwin Glass

Darwin Glass

Darwin Glass

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Darwin Glass, also known as Dawinite, from Mt. Darwin, Tasmania, Australia, is a rare and minor known translucent brown-green tektite type, similar to Moldavite.

Specimens were found around the remains of a crater from an impact about 770,000 years ago.

Metaphysical Properties

Darwin Glass is a beautiful stone that holds many of the same properties as Moldavite but is a much more gentle stone to work with and has a stronger connection to nature. Darwin Glass is an excellent protection stone, like all Tektites, particularly when you have trouble picking up strong emotions from those around you and require a shield. Darwin Glass creates a protective bubble around you that allows you to remain peaceful and calm as you filter all the information you are bombarded with and process it objectively. Because of the nature of creation, Darwin Glass has a vibrant fusion of universal and earthly energies.

Chakra Healing

It also helps open the Heart Chakra, allowing you to create a loving relationship with everything around you, including people, animals, earth, and beyond. Due to its lack of crystal structure, it gives unlimited flexibility and helps you to expand in all ways. Using this structure helps to create a link between your Third Eye Chakra and your Soma Chakra, which allows you to open yourself to your higher self and other dimensional beings to expand your knowledge. Darwin Glass has a strong connection to nature and will enable you to see the importance of the natural world around you much more clearer.

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