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Sieber Agate Tumble Stone 20-25mm

Sieber Agate Tumble Stone 20-25mm

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 I hear you saying Sieber Agate what on earth is that! I first came across this from Germany in 2013, Sieber Agate is Copper slag. We only had this as a raw mineral and we had some tumbled and magic these beautiful babies.

Sieber Agate has swirling shades of Blue, Greens, black and Brown. The first thing I really like, this is a natural Blue not dyed as some agate found on the market.

I had a look online to see what information was available, well very little. So here goes my experience with this lovely crystal. 
What a friendly and loving crystal. Holding this crystal I could feel the energy fill my body completely, I can only describe the energy as very childlike, it kept whizzing through my energy centres whilst working on each, just as quickly the crystal had cleared blocked energies it whizzed off to work elsewhere.

What an awesome cleanser! As I worked with Sieber Agate I found it wanted to do everything.

I had a mother and daughter on our stand today, each holding a piece of Sieber Agate, on the Mum the crystals was helping to ground and connect with higher energies. On her daughter complete opposite, it was quite steadfast in doing what she needed, breaking down blocked areas, taking away stagnant energies, leaving her balanced and ready to continue her spiritual journey.

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