Drilled Pinolith Polished Tumble Stone

Drilled Pinolith Polished Tumble Stone

Drilled Pinolith Polished Tumble Stone

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Pinolith is a rare stone that comes from a mine in Austria. Recently in 2018, a deposit was found by gold miner's in British Colombia, Canada. The original Austrian mineral deposit contains Magnesite, Graphite and Dolomite. Following extensive studies, there are trace elements of Quartz, Titanite, Zircon, Apatite and Muscovite. Radiometric dating estimates this mineral formed around 500 million years ago. Pinolith is 3.5-4.5 on the Mohs Scale. When I first discovered this rare gem at the Ste Marie Show, I fell in love with the contrast of colours and the stark patterns.

I find crystals come to the foreground as. When we need them, Pinolith is the ultimate optimism and balance stone, which provides soothing, calming, improves self-esteem while establishing equilibrium between emotions and intellect.

This unique mineral helps one access their crown, heart and root chakra, thus creating a beneficial channel to help ground thoughts, emotions and ideas. When you first hold Pinolith, there is a tingly cooling sensation that radiates throughout the body and connects to your core. But you soon begin to feel a deeper connection to yourself as Pinolith energies work towards unlocking your heart and emotional body. Using Labradorite and Pinolith together, they keep me on the straight and narrow; as I try to deviate from my life path, they gently pull me back on track. True Destiny stone.

We choose the nicest pattern Pinolith and drill just for each order.

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