Mango Quartz - The Golden Crown

Mango Quartz

Mango Quartz, also known as Corona Quartz, or Golden Crown is a unique Quartz featuring gorgeous and unique yellow-hued tips. This crystal is a relatively new find and is incredibly rare, but how does it get its yellow tips, where does it come from, and why is it such a powerful mineral to add to your crystal collection? Well, keep reading to find out!


Recognising Mango Quartz

Mango Quartz is incredibly rare and sourced from Corona Mine, Cabiche, QuÍpama Municipality, Boyacá, Colombia. This beautiful crystal features Halloysite tubules inclusions that shoot through the terminations, rather than sitting as a coating on the surface, resulting in the phenomenal mango-like colour. 

When I look at Mango Quartz, they remind me of tips of a Crown, the deep gold, yellow within a Quartz Halo, which is incredibly relevant as the nickname- Corona Quartz- translates as Crown Quartz. The quality of these crystals is phenomenal; they are like Blades of Light points infused with a Mango sorbet. Currently, we are only able to source Points and Clusters, however, we will hand tumble any damaged babies we come across, allowing us to create unique tumble stones.

Metaphysical Properties

Mango Quartz connects with your Solar Plexus, Sacral and Crown Chakra. It seems to possess a remarkable capacity to clear the auric field, remove obstacles, attract peaceful energies, and move out chaotic and stressful energies. Mango Quartz represents our authenticity, responsibility, creativity, sovereignty, and ascension into a life that feels healthy, whole, and content.

Mango Quartz empowers us to live whilst encouraging us to be who we are. Look and seek each day for love, light, and dedication. Becoming responsible for your happiness and never taking your foot off the peddle. Create a life worth living whilst showing others the potential they have within. 

In addition, Mango quartz is a catalyst crystal, helping change happen. Change can be daunting, but Mango Quartz guides and supports you through this process, empowering you into action. It is ideal for helping you to identify old patterns, behavioural emotions, adjust your mindset to absorb the positives from life while being self-aware and understanding the failures that you went through. It is time to stop the "repeat" button and connect to release these issues, as with action comes release.

My experience with Mango Quartz

When meditating with Mango Quartz, I found that it facilitates deep serenity and ascension. This introvert crystal asks us to take a deep dive into our shadow self, collect, call back and transmute our fragmented aspects. The Crown is a symbol of transmutation, and the connection to your soul star is immediate when you place a piece on your Crown Chakra. 

What I have learnt from this beautiful crystal, let go, welcome these vibrant new energies. Let go of the blockages and negativity, open yourself to new opportunities, people who are coming to you. The power is within you as the creator of your universe; you have got it because you can do it.

Let us know in the comments what you felt whilst working with this wonderful crystal.

 In love and light, 

Kim xx

"Don't you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds" - Rumi.


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