Lunar Eclipse - Releasing Negative Energy - Cord Cutting Ritual

What is a Total Lunar Eclipse?

When the moon orbits to the opposite side of the earth than the sun, it goes into the earth's shadow (The Umbra). Because the earth's atmosphere is absorbing all the blue light, only red light reaches the moon, turning it a deep dark red A.K.A Blood Moon. 

What is a Partial Lunar Eclipse?

A partial eclipse occurs when the moon travels through the outer, less dark section of the earth's shadow (The Penumbra). This results in a slight darkening of the surface of the moon.

How does this effect me?

Oh boy! after the rollercoaster of a year, I bet seeing a lunar eclipse on the calendar is enough to send a shiver down your spine. But it does make sense: Some find the dark side of the moon troublesome (which is why I would not recommend committing to a lunar eclipse ritual like making moon water or charging crystals).

But that does not mean there is no positivity to be gleaned from a lunar eclipse. On the contrary, a lunar eclipse will shine a light on our shadow self, those pieces of ourselves that need to be acknowledged and released to evolve. So using the Lunar Eclipse energy to do a cord-cutting during this lunar eclipse ritual can be quite therapeutic.

Hand holding a pair or scissors ready to snip

Cord Cutting Ritual - Release Negative Energy

1. Create a sacred space

You don't need a whole altar of magical tools to do this. Instead, I would recommend lighting some candles as part of your lunar eclipse ritual. Doing so allows you to honour the element of air and harness its powers.


2. What do you want to release? Please write it down.

Maybe you're releasing pre-holiday work stress, negative self-talk, toxic ex-partners or maybe that baggy jumper you won't let go of, and it is full of holes. Anything that is energetically getting in your way and makes you feel less than your true self, release it.

Write down any energetic imprints you want to be removed from your body to express yourself fully.


3. Breathe

So important as it will allow you to release. Now taking between three to five minutes, connect with your breath. 

Inhale through the nose count of four, hold for six beats, and exhale, breathe out through the mouth for eight moments. Repeat until you feel centred. There is no rush.


4. Now that you are Centred, and you have a clear goal 

So we have grounded ourselves, we have a clear written understanding of the cords we need to cut. Also, we now need to remove those limiting thoughts from our minds. Would you please use the following script to help assist you in expelling those negative cords and thoughts?

"I, [your name], declare to cut and remove all cords, contracts, oaths, karmic ties and promises, across all planes of time, across all dimensions and past lives that do not serve my highest good for this lifetime. I declare that any of these soul imprints that are not beneficial for my highest power become dissolved immediately into a space of love. Thank you with love and light" Repeat this until you feel sufficiently unburdened and as glowing as (non-obstructed) moonlight.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and found it helpful.

Love & Light 

Kim xx

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