Oval Goniatite Fossil Charging Cleansing Bowl

Oval Goniatite Fossil Charging Cleansing Bowl

Oval Goniatite Fossil Charging Cleansing Bowl

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I love these Goniatite Bowls, for me its the Fibonacci spiral of the Goniatite with grounding energies of a Mid Devonian period fossil. They are made from the famous Black Marble of Morocco, and have been carved out and polished around a genuine Goniatite fossil.

Goniatite are Ammonoid Cephalopods that form the order Goniatida, derived from the more primitive Anarcestida during the Middle Devonian some 390 million years ago. Goniatites survived the Late Devonian to flourish in the oceans during the Carboniferous and Permian only to become wiped out at the end of the Permian some 139 million years later. 

These marine animals possessed tentacles, just like their modern-day relative the Squid, though unlike the squid Goniatites also possessed an external, coiled shell! 

Each Bowl is unique image is a representation of your actual bowl.

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