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Libyan Desert Glass Tumble Stone 15-20mm

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The main area where most of this tektite is found, is a most inhospitable region, located near the Egyptian-Libyan border. These stones are located in only one particular area, in a specific region of the Great Erg or sand sea. It is said that there is an enormous amount of this yellow glass in that area, found between a series of dunes in the desert. Note: there are yellow tumblestones selling under this name, and labeled from Australia, clearly they are not the same stone. This glass has been dated by trustworthy scientists, and is said to be over 28 million years old. This is a very pure, silica rich glass, and many stones contain sand-dune particles within then, with some pieces reported to also contain iridium. Although it has been known about by the people of the Sahara Desert for thousands of years, western scientists only discovered Libyan Desert Glass in the 1930's. Some scientists say that it may have been the result of a meteor, and there has been some debate whether it came from outside the earth or was created by the heat of a meteoric event in the area. In some circles it is known as Libyan Gold Tektite, but we really do not know for sure that it is a tektite. Regardless of whether we know how it came to be created it is definitely a stone of ancient origin. Libyan Desert Glass are energetically powerful stones, and this may be because they embody the energy of the event that created them. Although scientists have not found evidence that the stone is not of this earth, it would have been created by an enormous amount of heat. This heat may have been generated by the crash of a meteor in that area 28 million years ago. We only have 9 pieces the images are of pieces that you would receive.

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