Grand Canyon Wonderstone Tumble Stone 25-30mm

SKU: 80306030
Grand Canyon Wonderstone Tumble Stone 25-30mm

Grand Canyon Wonderstone Tumble Stone 25-30mm

SKU: 80306030
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Grand Canyon Wonderstone facilitates an opportunity to check our progress on our spiritual journey and encourages you to ask yourself questions, are we going in the right direction? Could we go at a different pace? Having council with your spirit guides in meditation supports this. It gives you the clarity of thought and aligns the head and heart contemplations, ending in a state of "knowing".

Grand Canyon Wonderstone allows us to have a better vision and understanding of our characteristics as other people see us. It also shows us what we are capable of becoming. It can help to give an equilibrium and balance of our feelings. It enhances our self-respect and self-value and helps us deal with difficult situations calmly and firmly.
Grand Canyon Wonderstone also allows us to communicate, especially helping us listen carefully and not misrepresent what we hear.

Grand Canyon Wonderstone enables you to focus and stops you from postponing the work you need to complete. It helps to stop, look and listen, to make changes and to begin again. It helps us resolve things, clear things from our past, and see a more transparent future. It is a stone of resolve and perseverance for those who wish to move their life forwards. An excellent crystal to have in times of stress.

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