GeoFossils Protection Spray

GeoFossils Protection Spray using Essential Oils
GeoFossils Protection Spray using essential oils ideal for Crystals, aura and Sacred Space

GeoFossils Protection Spray

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GeoFossils Protection Spray which we have created by infusing Herkimer Diamond, Citrine, Amber, Selenite & Black Tourmaline.

Create a clearer and lighter space, clean foreign and denser energies. It will neutralise electromagnetic pollution and act as an area protector. Purifies, restores, creates calm & peace in any environment allowing lighter vibrations to settle, opening up the density of energies for your own to arrive, making you feel more at home, more at ease.

we have created this spray using only organic essential oils, we include within your spray our selection of protection crystals that energise and amplify the properties of essential oils used.

Our Protection spray can be used on your crystals, within your aura or in your sacred space, as we only use the highest grade organic essential oils it is safe for all uses except on fabrics.

Initially only available as a 10ml sample bottle or 100ml. 

HOW TO USE - Spray several times above your head & around the body. Breathe deeply and allow the energy to sink in.

WHERE TO USE: at work, home, bedrooms (as linen spray) or public spaces.

WHEN TO USE: before or after meditation, yoga classes, creative work, healing techniques or bodywork. Use as a tool to get connected and aligned, when looking for relaxation and inner calmness.



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