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Grounding & Protection Crystal Set

Grounding & Protection Crystal Set

  • £9.00

Being grounded: Helps release troublesome thoughts, resolve unfinished business, instils calm, dispels stress and aids restful sleep. Being Protected: This kit contains cleansed crystals that will help protect you against negative energy, violence, illness, phsycic attack, depression, dark forces and fear The benefits are: - It eases anxiety and has a calming influence, enables clarity of thought, transmutes negative energy, provides balance within stressful situations, helps logical thought processes. It helps prevent your energy from draining and becoming vulnerable to the energies of others. Crystal Healing is an alternative therapy using stones and crystals as healing tools. Crystals are placed on different areas of the body or around the body and are pre-ported to remove blockages in the aura and the physical body. As yet there is no scientific proof that it works, however these methods have been used though out history to bring about a feeling of well being. Crystal size 10mm. Colour and size of the pouches may vary. The set comes with written advice

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