Crystal Quartz Vogel 6 Sided 50mm

Crystal Quartz Vogel 6 Sided 50mm

Crystal Quartz Vogel 6 Sided 50mm

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What is a "Vogel" Crystal?

Vogel Crystals are Quartz crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). They are healing crystals and meditation crystals that are cut to maximize the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force.

What is classified as a Vogel.

  1. Must be Natural Crystal Quartz of the highest grade possible for clarity.
  2. finished or Natural must be Double Terminated
  3. Crystal Quartz has to be cut on the "C" Axis of the crystal.
  4. Minimum of at least 4 sides but preferred more.

Why use a Vogel?

Vogel is created to amplify, coalesce, focus thoughts and energy that nees to be directed into you body/mind or that of another person.  The design of each crystal allows for your thoughts, energy and the pervasive Universal Life Force, to enter the crystal at the receptive end, be amplified and focused as it travels in a circular pattern through the crystal, and be transmitted like a laser beam from the focal end.

There is little really written on the uses of particular Vogel designs, but here is a short summary of what is known. For crystals of other cuts, you will need to work with them to determine their specific applications. Marcel Vogel pointed out in his teachings that a large number of facets was not necessary and that a crystal with 13 sides was more than adequate for all uses. Below is our compilation of uses:

  • 4 sided crystals are for healing efforts aimed at the physical body
  • 6 sided crystals are used for healing emotional ailments
  • 8 sided crystals are used for dealing with severe emotional trauma
  • 3 sided crystals are used in meditation to connect with past lives
  • 21 sided crystals are used to resolve family issues
  • 24/8 sided crystals are used for spiritual rebirth
  • 24/12 sided crystals are used in transformation efforts

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