Brookite with Quartz and Mica

GeoFossils Brookite with Quartz and Mica

Brookite with Quartz and Mica

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Brookite is sometimes called the stone that this too shall pass. It demonstrates that no matter how bad it seems, it will end and get better. Brookite keeps you grounded whilst clearing your mind. Brookite brings optimism and hope for a better time and helps you stay in the moment.

It acts as an energy store. Hold the crystal to your Sacral Chakra for a recharge when you need a top-up. It aids in banishing lethargy, apathy and worry and help you to amend beliefs holding you back. When you release these your awareness will shift to another plane. Brookite packs a powerful energetic punch, activating the Higher Chakras.
Brookite is helpful if you seek a new direction or are stuck in an intractable situation; it imparts the courage to move forward without fear, even if you do not know where you are heading.
Brookite activates and connects to Root, Sacral, Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

Location - Karan District, Balochistan Region, Pakistan
Hardness - 5.5-6
Crystal Structure - Orthorhombic

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