Apricot Agate Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

Pink, white marble lines, angular, smooth and shiny

Apricot Agate Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

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Normally when you see Apricot Agate it has been heated, but these are beautiful natural Apricot Agate which is warm and nurturing.  It feels like “home” – a place where we are unconditionally loved and accepted.  It helps us keep our current relationships happy and healthy.  It also invites new friendships to take root and blossom under our care. 

Apricot Agate joyfully supports all of our endeavours, helping us to thrive and to stay in balance.  It reminds us to give and receive in equal measure.  It teaches us that life is short, and so we must do our best to make it sweet.  Apricot Agate shows us that we have invaluable gifts to share with the world and that other people are eager to know us more deeply. 

Apricot Agate is one of only a handful of healing crystals that can cleanse the energy of everything it comes into contact with, leaving us feeling refreshed and at ease.

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