Ametrine Tumble Stone

Purple, with brown marble effect, smooth, shiny, polished stone

Ametrine Tumble Stone

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Ametrine Polished Tumble.

Ametrine is a mixing of Natural Citrine and Amethyst, Ametrine enhances universal equilibrium and providing a clear connection between the physical form and the ultimate state of perfection, Ametrine balances the yin yang energies, when used for meditation and attunement, Ametrine helps one to reach a higher state more effectively, the expanded clearing effect bringing physical, mental opening leading to peace, tranquillity and cooperation.

When used to clear the Aura, Ametrine disperses negativity, fills the void with energising and establishing qualities of pure light.

Chakra: Crown, Solar Plexus

Each Tumble Stone varies in weight 5-12g each

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