Bella's 18pcs Chakra Crystal Healing Kit

SKU: 80317265
GeoFossils Bella&
GeoFossils Bella&

Bella's 18pcs Chakra Crystal Healing Kit

SKU: 80317265
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I like to name all my sets as to what they mean to me. This set is my favourite, I know we should not have favorites, but this set was created as a gift for my daughter on her 18th Birthday by me, but named by Bella!

These crystals were chosen with the intention of helping her with all the changes that would face her, leaving her childhood behind, starting university, leaving home. I wanted her to have a selection of crystals that would help to protect and ground her during this new journey in her life, but also show how much she is loved.

Raw Crystals

  • Amethyst - Stone of Peace and Bella's favorite Colour
  • Crystal Quartz Geode - Master Stone but a Geode is a secret cave full of magic and wonder, to keep her mind open.
  • Crystal Quartz Point - Help pave the way for her future and be a light and beacon of protection.
  • Rose Quartz - Stone of Unconditional Love, just to remind her she is loved unconditionally
  • Shiva Lingham - Balance energies and sustained energy levels for all those late night drinking sessions!
  • Selenite - Cleanse her space of negative energies and gentle combing of the aura when things get tough

Tumble Stones

  • Red Jasper - Root Chakra but a warrior stone
  • Carnelian - Sacral Chakra Stone of Joy and creativity
  • Citrine - Solar Plexus, pure energy of the sun to bring a smile to her face on rainy days
  • Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra an Abundance Stone to bring her luck when she forgets to revise
  • Blue Quartz - Throat Chakra - A stone of communication and creativity, Blue Quart will allow her to speak your mind without fear or recrimination. Also help her believe in her abilities and attract like-minded people into her life
  • Sodalite - Third Eye (Brow Chakra) help her see the potential within her
  • Amethyst - Crown Chakra - Peace around her

Pendulum for guidance - This varies as when we create a set I will be instinctively drawn to pendulum for the set being created.

California White Sage - Smudge Sacred Space, Cleanse her crystals. I have had to increase our price as the Sage Sticks are 8", we are unable to buy 4".

Crystal Cleansing Spray - I created this especially using essential oils, Shungite Water and Crystals, safe to use on crystals but also within the Aura for a quick pick me up.

Finally a wooden box with the Flower of Life with a Cotton Bag for energising the crystals. The wooden box is engraved by us using laser for precision. I know this set was designed for Bella, but I believe it is a beautiful gift for anyone regardless of age.

Information included: Chakra Balancing, Metaphysical Properties for Crystals Included, Smudging Guide and Crystal Cleansing Guide.

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