Thomsonite Mineral

Thomsonite Mineral Metaphysical Properties

I was sent a sample of Thomsonite in 2020, I was so excited as I have only had a few odd pieces of over the years, below is my journey with this crystal, I continue to meditate with Thomsonite and I will no doubt keeping adding to this blog!

Physically, Thomsonite creates a very stable connection between all auric bodies, it balances your Sacral and Crown Chakra, making this an excellent crystal for creativity and starting new projects.
Most importantly, Thomsonite unites your emotions with your thinking, which may aid clarity of thought and help you if you are suffering from brain fog. It enables you to work your maximum ability and see what is going on and how to solve it. Thomsonite encourages growth on all levels and helps you remove blockages that have prevented this growth.
Finally, Thomsonite helps dissolve lethargy and empowers you to complete tasks. Thomsonite being part of the Zeolite family makes it incredible at removing toxins from your surroundings.

Thomsonite is a tectosilicate mineral belonging to the zeolite group; it is a hydrated calcium silicate. Only minor amounts of sodium and traces of potassium substitute for calcium. There is an absence of barium, strontium, iron and magnesium. Thomsonite is isostructural with Sodium-Calcium Zeolite Mesolite and Sodium Zeolite Natrolite. However, it does not form a continuous chemical series with either of them. Thomsonite is an incredible rare mineral.

Thomsonite is formed of spherical concretions, columns, radial or needle like prismatic crystals. Colour range includes white, yellow, pink, red, brown and green.

Thomsonite is a beautiful Crystal when used with Fire Opal, Blades of Light and Zincite. These are all powerful crystals to complete tasks and manage projects.

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