How to make Shungite Water

We have so many people ask us how to make Shungite Water because it has such incredible benefits, so we have put together this simple, 4-step tutorial for you all. 

Why Shungite Water?

Shungite has phenomenal, natural filtration properties and is useful for more than just using in water. It is also known to help balance your Root Chakra, keeping you grounded, as well as helping to detoxify and purify the body and mind. With all these incredible properties, why would you not want to drink Shungite water?

What you will need:

  • 90g Shungite Petroski
  • 10g Shungite Elite
  • Glass or Ceramic Bowl
  • 1Ltr Jug/Vessel Glass or Ceramic
  • Washing up liquid

We have put together this Shungite Water Kit featuring everything you will need for only £20.

How to make Shungite Water: 

1) Clean Shungite

Place your Shungite in a dish, add a small amount of washing up liquid to degrease and clean your Shungite. You'll know it's ready when all loose debris has been removed.

2) Sterilise Shungite

Next, we are going to boil a pan of water and submerge your Shungite. Leave it to simmer for up to 10 minutes to sterilise your Shugnite.

3) Add Shungite to water

Rinse your Shungite in some water, and place into a ceramic or glass bowl. Fill it up with tap water, make sure your Shungite is covered and leave for up to two hours. You will notice the water has loose black carbon in it, don't panic, you aren't going to be drinking this water (but plants love it).

Once the two hours has passed, we are going to rinse and repeat this step until the water becomes clear (this can take up up to six hours).

4) Cleansing Shungite

Your Shungite needs to be charged and re-cleaned on a regular basis. You can use a tea towel to securely wrap your Shungite in and leave in a safe area to dry for two to three days. You can place the tea towel in the garden to dry if you like.

If needed, you can repeat steps 1 and 2, otherwise your Shungite will be ready to use again and again.

Tips and Myth Busting

Many people think they have to throw their Shungite away and start with new Shungite each time. This is not the case at all. You can continue to reuse your Shungite if you complete step 4 and cleanse it regularly.

You can create large jugs of Shungite water without a problem, just follow the same steps as above and pour into a glass to drink.

Shungite is not harmful, it has natural filtration properties and is even used by leading water filter brands within their filters.

Yes, the water is supposed to bubble, this means it is working.

Enjoy your freshly filtered water, it is incredibly delicious and once you have tried it, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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