Schalenblende Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

Schalenblende Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

Schalenblende Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

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Schalenblende combines Sphalerite, Pyrite, Wurzite and Galena. Our Schalenblende tumble stones are from Poland, but other locations where you can find this gorgeous crystal includes Germany and Belgium. Each of our tumble stones is approximately 18-22mm.

Schalenblende comes from the German words "Schale" and "Blende", meaning "shell ore", which alludes to its concentric-layered structure.

Schalenblende is a protective and peaceful stone ideal for grounding, also making this an ideal stone for shielding during shamanic journeying and to accompany out of body journeying.
Schalenblende bestows courage and idealism, helps with self-confidence, and empowers self-belief. Extremely beneficial crystal when you lack the resources to cope with what life throws at you, enabling us to experience dramatic changes in our lives and learn through them, making this the perfect stone to overcome physical and mental weakness due to exhaustion. This excellent crystal is incredibly energising, regenerative, aids spontaneity helps with concentration and communication, a crystal that integrates intellect and intuition, enhances communication and aids in finding solutions between those who may hold opposing views.

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