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Kammererite Tumble Stone 20-25mm

  • £20.00

Kammererite is part of the Clinchlore family, you may recognize Seraphinite very quickly. These Kammererite tumble stone are approx 18-20g each, they are very similar to Seraphinite in appearance in that they have the sweeps on the mica, whereas Seraphinite work on the heart chakra with its beautiful green feathers.

Frequency of Kammererite is very much for third eye and/or crown chakra, opening and stimulating these chakras so that our consciousness is aware of higher dimensional impulses including those directly from the soul. As our consciousness opens to these higher vibrational frequencies we have a greater understanding of our life’s purpose.

Kammererite lets you see and feel the joy of experiencing third dimensional reality, with it the opportunity offered for your spiritual growth.  This will be a spiritual awakening for many and Kammererite supports you emotionally and spiritually so that you can integrate these higher vibrational frequencies into everyday living.

Meditating with Kammererite brings clarity and insight into our spiritual nature so that we have a more enlightened in being.

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