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Journey Through Your Chakras - Full Day Workshop

  • £120.00

Balanced Chakras are great for relieving stress, easing anxiety, uplifting depression and soothing panic. At night it aids sleep, and first thing in the morning, promotes clear thinking and an energy buzz. It also helps you to feel more in control of problems and challenges.

Journey through the chakras helps to understand your energy centres.  Traditionally, we associate Chakras with the seven main colours, as new crystals are being discovered; we are finding more of the Chakras resonate with Higher Vibration Crystals or as Bob likes to call them "Trippin Crystals".

During this workshop, you will learn to instinctively associate crystals for each of the eighteen chakras, not based on colour, but their vibrations. Understanding how to connect the crystals to your chakras and activate your protection shield.

Included within this half day work shop, Crystals Chosen by you, Course Material and Information on the Crystals used, Goodie Bag by Kim