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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Beautiful Pink Coloured -5055580300052

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Beautiful Pink Coloured -5055580300052

  • £19.95

  •  Each Himalayan Salt Lamp is unique the lamps are handmade and hand carved in the Himalayan Mountains. Himalayan Salt are blocks of pure Himalayan salt, they come from Pakistan.
  • Ideal for home decor decorative wood base, perfect for the design-conscious home. Enjoy the incandescent and natural properties of these unique salt crystal lamps. The timeless natural shape of this Himalayan lamp When lit emits a soft amber glow, the heated Salt Crystal emit negative ions the naturally ionized air Creates a Soothing and Calming Affect which helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed.
  • All our lamps are UL/CE certified, CE Approved. 
  • Elegant and novel presents for graduations, birthdays, thank-yous, and special occasions. This Himalayan Salt lamp is a perfect  for anyone and anytime.
  • Purifying Ionizer when heated, our pink salt lamps work as an air purifier by emitting negative ions that help reduce stress, increase energy and relax your mood. 
  • This product carries our brand Ean 5055580300052.

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