Don't Panic! Crystals that help Boost your Immune System Set

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Multicolour crystals, purple, blue, green, orange, clear, smooth and shiny

Don't Panic! Crystals that help Boost your Immune System Set

SKU: 2073
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Whenever I have a poorly friend this is the collection of crystals I give as a gift.  We all have our own favourites, but this combination is just awesome.

Tumble Stones Included each stone is approximately 20-25mm

  • Amethyst - Perfect crystal to keep the peace around you
  • Ametrine - Powerhouse Crystal boosting the immune system
  • Aquamarine - Ideal crystal for alleviating excessive immune reactions
  • Calcite - Absorbs Calcium and boost immune system
  • Emerald - Ideal Flu buster Crystal
  • Lepidolite - Calm and purifying
  • Aqua Aura - Helps to strengthen the thymus
  • Aragonite - Helps to keep you calm, combats anger and stress
  • Chalcedony - Soothing crystals dissolve negative thoughts and feelings
  • Chiastolite - Balancing, protective and stabilises emotions
  • Fluorite - Powerful antiviral especially when used as an elixirs
  • Bloodstone - boost the heart chakra

As a little gift from me, I am also including a Shungite Tumble Stone.

What else is included- Metaphysical Guide for all your Crystals and their uses, Crystal Cleansing Spray, Crystal Cleansing Guide. 

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