Covellite Tumble Stone 18-25mm Single Stone

Covellite Tumble Stone 18-25mm Single Stone

Covellite Tumble Stone 18-25mm Single Stone

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Covellite aka Covelline is a rare copper sulfide mineral. This dense heavy metallic indigo blue mineral as a tumble stone is quite rare and not easily available. We have a limited supply.

COVELLITE is an excellent grounding stone that activates the Third-Eye and Crown chakras, which will allow one to stay firmly grounded while raising your consciousness into the higher realms.

COVELLITE is a high vibration crystal with energy that stimulates psychic abilities and intuitive work. It aids in bridging the higher and lower worlds.

COVELLITE is an excellent stone for anyone wishing to acquire information on past lives and karmic pattern. Not only can one gain information on their deeper self, but Covellite enables one to acquire information on the life of others. This makes for an amazing healing stone.

Covellite can stimulate a more positive outlook on life and also enhance your communication skills and levels of creativity. It can help you to relieve despondency, banish vanity and can also assist you in realising your dreams. Very much a stone of intent as the crystalline structure is of a Seeker Crystal, this is like an arrow cutting through fog, as a heat seeking missile.

These tumble Stones are "B" quality which in no way affects the metaphysical properties of this beautiful crystal

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