Cacholong Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

SKU: 80348887
White, angular, smooth
White, angular, smooth

Cacholong Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

SKU: 80348887
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Cacholong Polished Healing Crystal Tumble Stone

Cacholong Opal is a people stone, and you will feel welcomed into any group setting. In some ways, this is an abundant stone as it helps achieve the right outcome when we have to make decisions for our life path.
Cacholong Opal is a soothing, gentle, feminine stone and one that is ideal for sensitive people who may find themselves overwhelmed by more powerful stones and crystals. It also helps to relieve stress, worry and depression and helps to reduce anger. Because it is so calming and gentle, Cacholong Opal is an excellent stone for overcoming emotional trauma. Cacholong Opal is often thought of as a love stone, nurturing us to feel the love we have in our own hearts and attracting those who feel the same way towards us.

Cacholong Opal makes it easier for us to receive information from the higher dimensions and helps to increase our psychic and spiritual awareness. Cacholong Opal connects to the crown chakra, helping cleanse, clear and purify your energy field by bringing in colour and light to our chakras.

Opal is a hydrated silica mineral comprising microscopic spheres of silica bound together with water and silica. There are two forms of Opal, common and precious. The latter exhibits “fire”, which results from the silica spheres forming a regular pattern within the crystalline matrix that can diffuse light. Common Opal usually is opaque; the colour range including white, blue, pink, yellow, yellow/orange, brown or black.
Cacholong Opal is an opaque white to a milky white variety found in many locations, including Russia and Tanzania. It has also been erroneously called Kalmuck Agate.

Historically, white Cacholong opal is known as a token of love. It’s known to bring joy, helping you feel better about life and feel safe and protected. Spiritually, it brings you into balance, inspiring faith and optimism and serving as encouragement needed to accomplish more in your day-to-day life. Additionally, it helps with dream recall and, as such, can be kept under your pillows to help you remember your dreams upon waking.

By Kim Robinson

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