Chakra Yin Yang Bear Spirit Animal Journal

Chakra Yin Yang Bear Spirit Animal Journal
Chakra Yin Yang Bear Spirit Animal Journal

Chakra Yin Yang Bear Spirit Animal Journal

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When I saw this on Almiras Wolf Facebook page I fell in love, looking at this image, I immediately contacted her and requested if we could use this image with permission. Art has a different vision for each person, I see the emergence from a hibernating state and ready to reach the stars.

Bear is emblematic of grounding forces and strength. Bear has been worshiped throughout time as a powerful totem, inspiring those who need the courage to stand up against adversity. As a spirit animal in touch with the earth and the cycles of nature, it is a powerful guide to support physical and emotional healing.

Why use a Journal, ask yourself what do Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, and Frederick Douglass all have in common?

Answer each of these famous figures kept a journal or diary to record their experiences, thoughts, or feelings. 


When you use your journal to write down your goals, you can keep better track of your intentions. Be sure to get specific.

Track progress and growth

If you make journaling a regular habit, you can see how much progress you’ve made by revisiting previous entries.

Gain self-confidence

Seeing your progress can also give you a serious confidence boost. 

Reduce stress and anxiety

Sometimes negative thoughts and emotions can run on a loop in our heads. Which can be stressful when you’re dealing with a challenging situation — it can even make your present situation feel worse. But if you stop and put your emotions down on paper, it can help you release negative thoughts from your mind. As you write, you may even come up with a solution you hadn’t thought of before.

Find inspiration
Leonardo da Vinci drew some incredible invention ideas in his journals. Like him, you can also use your journaling time to brainstorm or let your imagination run wild. The inspiration that may pop up while you’re writing or sketching might even surprise you.

A5 Square, 120 pages some with Afirmation

Design Almiras Wolf

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